Purato Sparkling has landed!

Sparkling Addition to the 'Green to the Extreme' Purato range
Written by Dillon & Morrall on 12.11.2019, 00:00
Purato Sparkling has landed!

TWP Wines has launched a Sparkling Grillo, the latest addition to its newly re-styled “Green to the Extreme” organic Sicilian range.

The original three Purato wines are all organic, carbon neutral and vegan-friendly, using super-sustainable paper, cardboard, ink and glass for its packaging.  An Appassimento Nero d’Avola, Siccari, was added earlier this year, so a sparkler rounds off the range perfectly.

The Purato range this year marked its tenth year of production with a totally new re-styling.  The wines are as follows:

  • Purato Cataratto Pinot Grigio Terre Siciliane IGP
  • Purato Nero d’Avola DOC
  • Purato Rosé Terre Siciliane IGP
  • Nero d’Avola Appassimento Terre Siciliane IGP

Made using the Medodo Martinotti, or Charmat method, Purato Grillo Spumante has fine, gentle bubbles.  A versatile fizz, it is refreshing, floral and citrussy.

“Following great success with our Santa Tresa organic Grillo Spumante, we thought it would be the perfect addition to the Purato range.  A Grillo Spumante from Sicily is something quite unusual and we find it a real talking point with our customers,” explains Stefano Girelli, Managing Director of TWP Wines, a passionate advocate of organic and sustainable viticulture.

“The Italian Sparkling category might be dominated by Prosecco but consumers are now curious to explore beyond what they know. The timing is perfect to introduce an Organic, Vegan friendly Sparkling Grillo to our Off Trade portfolio. From a marketing perspective, Purato has gained a loyal following and we feel our customer base is ready for a Purato Sparkling which will be a very timely addition in the run up to Christmas,” comments Marketing and Buying Director for North South Wines, Joy Edmondson.

Purato Grillo Spumante is aimed at the off-trade, with an RRP of around £11.99.  Trade enquiries should be directed to: Marianne Fillion of North South Wines, marianne@northsouthwines.co.uk.