Purato and Scheid commended at Drinks Business Green Awards

Written by Felicity Franklin on 16.12.2019, 17:00
Purato and Scheid commended at Drinks Business Green Awards
We are thrilled that 2 of our wineries have been recognised for their green efforts at the recent The Drinks Business Green Awards.
Purato, the green to the extreme brand from The Wine People was commended in the Green Launch of the Year Award
Of the brand, Drinks Business said "Having been on the scene for a decade, our judges were impressed with the relaunch of The Wine People’s Purato brand in order to better highlight its green credentials.
Describing the brand as “green in the extreme”, the wines in the Purato range are sustainably made at every stage of the production process.
The four pillars of the Purato re-launch were to communicate the brand’s green status in being certified organic, vegan friendly, carbon neutral, and boasting packaging made with recycled materials. Believing organics is “the only way forward” for winemaking, the company uses its carbon credits to aid the conservation of the Amazon rainforest. Our judges liked the fact that Purato was “getting the green job done in an unflashy way”.
Scheid Family Wines were commended in the Renewable Energy Implementation Award
Scheid Family Wines in Monterey County, California, received a commendation for installing a 264 foot tall wind turbine in the middle of its vineyard in 2017 – an endeavour that took five years of planning and required its owners to uproot two acres of vines to make room for it. Making use of winds from the Salinas Valley, the turbine produces 1.85 megawatts of electricity per year, (a carbon offset of around 3,645 tons) enough not only for the winery’s energy needs, but also to power 125 local homes.
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