Paxton's scores in Halliday 'The Wine Companion' guide

The organic and biodynamic winery has earned itself a spot in James Halliday's top 10 Best Value wineries in the newly released 2020 edition of the guide
Written on 12.08.2019, 00:00
Paxton's scores in Halliday 'The Wine Companion' guide

James Halliday, The Wine Companion 2020.

The wines have been tasted and the results are in! Paxton Wines have some outstanding results to share.

We are also very proud to announce Paxton were in the Top 10 of the Best Value Wineries:

Paxton has never been far out of the race and this year had the greatest consistency of any winery recognised, with every wine but one in the 5-glass bracket receiving a value rosette.  A skilled viticulturist, David Paxton had a latter-life conversion to biodynamic viticulture, and this points to the results.”  James Halliday

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