La Gioiosa Gold Edition Recommendation

Our limited release La Gioiosa Prosecco Gold Edition is Wine of the Week on Tom Cannavan's Wine
Written on 03.12.2019, 00:00
La Gioiosa Gold Edition Recommendation

Tom Cannavan has recommended La Gioiosa Gold Edition as his 'Wine of the Week' on his wine tasting website 'Wines-Pages this month.

He describes it as: “A very nice rendition of Prosecco,a super-clean and fresh example, all cool pear fruit, touches of floral character and it is Brut, so not too much sweetness to finish. It’s a bit of a gifting banker for Christmas with its glittery appeal.

The Gold Prosecco is a DOC Treviso classification and is super fresh as it has only just been bottled a few weeks ago. La Gioiosa was one of the first winery to keep 100% of its must chilled and only vinify and bottle on demand as opposed to keeping huge stock of Prosecco bottled post harvest and being stock for months on end. This ensures we have one of the freshest Prosecco brand on the market!

To watch the video press here: