Black Noble in The World of Fine Wine

Great reviews and scores for this truly magical wine.
Written on 27.01.2019, 00:00
Black Noble in The World of Fine Wine

The De Bortoli Black Noble Barrel Aged 10 Riverina NSW has been evaluated in The World of Fine Wine's tastings by, Alison Buchanan, Andrew Jefford and, Margaret Rand and has scored among the top 10 wines in its tasting. Below are the results:

De Bortoli Black Noble Barrel Aged 10 Riverina NSW

Average Score: 91

First taster: Alison Buchanan
Score: 94

Note: Deep tawny with an amber rim, this has immediate appeal. The nose presents nut praline, marmalade, and fragrant spice— appetizing and warming—a heartening festive nose. The palate reflects the aromatics of the nose, suggesting warm fruitcake, orange infused crème brûlée, and roasted nuts—a fireside wine with which to set the world to rights, both indulgent and elegant.   

Second taster: Andrew Jefford
Score: 93

Note: This looks much older than the ten years old it apparently claims, with dark walnutbrown hues and a suggestion of green along the meniscus. It smells very well aged, too: pressed vine fruits, crushed nuts, just a whisper of gratifying toffee and caramel: a fine aromatic profile, promising much. On the palate, it is deep, luscious, close-textured, and vivid with bright, apple-fresh acidity; it has gratifying burned raisin, black treacle, and sun-dried fig flavors, and the fortification is seamless. I find it hard to believe that this isn’t an older wine than it claims to be, or that it is blended with some much older components, and if it is selling at 10 Year Old prices then it is likely to be an outstanding buy.   

Third taster: Margaret Rand
Score: 87

Note: Massive, powerful, and in-your-face. Big, black, coffee, chocolate, blackberry flavors (not much on the nose), all very plain-speaking. A wine that calls a spade a spade. Good pungency and good complexity, even if it does shout a bit.

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