Last week, Simon, our director of finance and operations, joined Webmart, a fellow B Corp, and travelled to the Eden Project in Cornwall for Anthropy 23.

Anthropy is a leadership gathering like no other. It’s 3 days of thought-provoking sessions and panel discussions delivered by 500 influential speakers and organisations. The topics are rich and varied, covering everything from sustainability to business culture, social mobility, education, and digital futures. Its aim is to empower the 2000-odd business leaders in attendance, and, in turn, ‘inspire a Better Britain’.

Entering the Eden Project each day you were greeted by the words, “Leave your ego and silo at the door”.

A gentle reminder that this is about more than your job title, your business, or even your industry. It made for open, active, and fascinating discussions and encouraged you to think about the bigger picture. The overarching theme focussed on the future vision for Britain.

What do we want quality of life to look like in Britain in the next 30 years?

What qualities of place and planet do we need to achieve this quality of life?

What does a healthy and prosperous economy look like, and what do our businesses and organisations have to do to achieve it?

And how does this translate to the global stage? What role can Britain play in tackling shared issues such as poverty, climate change, and human rights?

Even in these times of uncertainty as we face big issues in business and society, what was so energising was the positivity that flowed through each session. There was a real sense that by joining forces, sharing knowledge, collaborating across different industries, and breaking down traditional barriers we can achieve goals that would otherwise be out of reach. 

It’s something we had to do on our way to B Corp certification, as we worked collaboratively with our supply base to make positive changes through the supply chain. 

Continual improvement is the key, however big or small. 

Anthropy 23 keeps the wind in our sails. Lots of information to take in and now some time is needed to process it. There are lots of thoughts and ideas that will be relevant to our business moving forward and some very inspiring connections made across lots of industries.

Thanks to the Anthropy team, and all the speakers for such a motivational couple of days.