In April 2023, we were thrilled to finally be certified as a B Corp business, standing alongside over 6,000 businesses globally striving for a better future. As the first UK wine importer to achieve B Corp certification, we hope that we can inspire others to focus on sustainability. So, with that in mind, we thought we’d lift the lid on what B Corp is, why we decided to go for it and what it means for our customers. 

B – etter 

B Corps want to transform business into a force for good – ensuring global economies benefit all people, communities & the planet. 

B – elief 

We believed there was another way of doing business and looked to B Corp to give us the framework to build our sustainability strategy, by assessing our impact and creating a plan for improvement. These are some of the changes we have made: 

· New suppliers are environmentally and socially screened. 

· All elements of our products packaging have targets for improvement. 

· We’ve created a workplace where employees thrive and are a Real Living Wage Employer. 

· We give employees paid time to work in their community or do charity volunteering. 

· We track our water, waste and energy and have an environmental management plan. 

· We have an electric car scheme for all staff. 

· We are involved in industry discussions/roundtables and forums to help the industry move forward in sustainability. 

· We consider social and environmental impact of all decisions in every level of the business. 

B – enefits to you, our customers 

· Future – Our business is fit for the future. 

· Confidence – It gives you confidence that we are striving to continually improve our impact and that of our products. 

· Improved service – we consider and are striving to improve the impact we have on all our stakeholders. 

· Sustainable portfolio – our suppliers are screened for their sustainability credentials and are on this journey with us. 

· Your sustainability – By helping you choose sustainable wines, giving you the best freight method or providing advice and support for your sustainability strategy. 

B – eyond 

We know it doesn’t stop here, its feels like this s the start of our sustainability journey. We will look to improve our score every three years when we are recertified and will share our journey with you.