Our vision is to discover and distribute great value and quality wines that UK consumers will love in a way that upholds the commitments we’ve made to our partners, employees, and our planet. To measure our success, we use an “impact report”.

Our ambition for sustainable development across the business is one thing.  Achieving it is another. Some areas of our business require more immediate focus than others.

In order to fully understand where to focus our efforts, we conducted a Materiality Assessment with input from our stakeholders, to identify the key impacts we have as a business. This highlighted material areas for improvement and allowed us to set specific targets for reducing these impacts.

Thus, the impact report was born. 

What is an impact report?

This document sets out our assessment of the social and environmental impacts of the business and helps as take responsibility for these and come up with a plan to create and grow our positive impact. 

It is a great overview of many of the elements that we have been working on as a business by following the B Corp framework and it showcases the sustainability journey we have been on as a company and where we are aiming to go.

Key targets of the report

Targets of our impact report include:

  1. Our Environmental Management System will be ISO 14001 certified by 2025.
  2. Electric Car Scheme – all the sales team to be on electric car scheme by 2025.
  3. By the end of 2025, 80% of our portfolio’s glass bottles, and cartons, will have +50% recycled content.
  4. In 2023 maintain a customer satisfaction score of >8/10 and a worker satisfaction score of >4.5/5
  5. For over 80% of our staff to use their 20 paid community and charity hours – company target for time donated is 0.1% of total hours worked

To learn more about our sustainability journey or to view our impact report, click here