British consumers just love the summer and there is nothing they like more than to enjoy the sun with a good drink in their hands. However, when it comes to choosing the perfect tipple for a hot summer day, it seems tastes are changing. Whilst a well-known quintessentially British gin cup used to be the nation’s drink of choice in the warmer months, it seems the pink hue and fruity flavours of rosé wine are instead very much in vogue. 

Value gains for rosé wine

In fact, rosé wine reported the most value gains amongst all the wine varieties in recent years (+3% – WSTA Dec 21). 

Put that together with the UK’s penchant for all things sparkling, and this year we can expect to see rosé and sparkling rosé popping up regularly – in picnic baskets, at barbeques and ordaining the glasses of al-fresco diners everywhere.  

Social pull

Mirabeau does well on Instagram

What makes rosé particularly appealing is of course its refreshing taste. But here at North South Wines, we also believe that its attractive pink shade makes it a winner on social media, both for brands and influencers alike. 

What other drink looks so fantastic in product pictures? It’s the perfect ‘accessory’ for a celebrity shoot. There’s no doubt about it. The past couple of years have marked a renaissance for rosé wine, with luxury brands securing a place in consumers’ hearts with celebrity endorsement and super stylish packaging. 

Just take a look at the UK’s no. 1 Provence Rose brand, Mirabeau, with their 100k + followers Instagram.

Now that’s worth raising a glass of rosé wine to. 

Our rosé wine picks for the summer

We can’t help but notice the ”Provencification” of the wine industry and, truth be told, we’re not complaining!

So, what rosé varieties do we recommend getting stuck into this summer? 

Here are our top picks:

With its Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault blend, this stylish drop has a wonderful mineral structure, with elegant citrus and wild strawberry notes. A refreshing, refined drop – the perfect example of good winemaking in Provence.

Method Cap Classique is going to be big. This is a surprisingly affordable MCC Rosé which is delicious.

This Charmat Method Chilean Sparkling wine is made using real strawberries, which is a real point of difference against the competition using artificial flavouring. Cast your snobbery aside, this is a consumer favourite whenever we sample it. They can’t get enough of it, believe us! 

Our top picks for this summer

This 100% Tempranillo is made at Bodegas Penascal, Entrecanales Domecq e Hijos certified carbon neutral winery. Winner of the Best Green Launch at last year’s Drinks Business Green Awards, the brand gives 10% of profits to support marine coral and ecosystems. The Metro’s Rob Buckhaven described it as “It’s not preachy, but the wine is peachy.”

Sustainably farmed and estate grown, this pinot noir rosé has also benefited from the cool climate growing conditions of Monterey Bay. 

A blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault this is Provence at its best. Perfect for gifting too!

Offering exceptional value for money, this delicately pale rosé from Portugal is made with Vinhao.  It expresses the character of the Vinho Verde region with subtle fruity notes and red berry aroma, with vivid acidity that results in very fresh, attractive and gastronomic wine.

Sicily’s arid climate makes the perfect home for organic winemaking. This delicate salmon coloured rosé delivers a fresh fruit nose with a hint of wild strawberries, well-balanced with citrusy acidity.

This Summer a Star is Born!

And to round off, we want to really make a splash about Born Rosé which is a newcomer to the rosé scene. 

A star is born! Born Rosé won a Drinks Business Gold Medal and has earned social media fame. 

This organic Provençal style rosé from Barcelona is attractive in colour and has stylish, contemporary packaging.

Born Rosé won a Drinks Business Gold Medal in the Rosé Masters and has whipped up a huge following on social media since its launch in 2019. 

Make no mistake though, this isn’t just for show. This is a premium quality rosé, which adorns the bars of Spain’s hottest spots!

Look out for:

Top tipple

So, what’s going to be your customers’ drink of choice this summer? At North South Wines we will be sampling the best rosé wines the industry has to offer. 

But don’t worry, we’ll leave some for you too!