Check out ‘Mixtapes’: A new kind of conversation around Wine

North South Wines have launched ‘Mixtapes’ – a collection of interviews with the winemakers behind some of our best loved brands.

More alike to catching up with old friends that a traditional wines interview, our Mixtapes interviews will give you a chance to get true insights from some of the most interesting winemakers in the game.

The sixty-minute YouTube videos – which will soon be available to stream from our website – make an absolute must-watch for anyone interested in wine and looking to be informed, entertained, and delighted.

So, what’s the thinking behind the campaign?

Sharing stories

Everyone loves a good story, right? And who better to regale us with their stories than winemakers? But we know getting access to winemakers is incredibly hard. They are so in demand and their time is precious. So, we appreciated it even more when our wonderful winemakers – and willing guinea pigs – were prepared to give up some of their time – some bang in the middle of vintage, oops – so we could hear their takes on things. To mix things up a bit, we thought it would be a nice idea to interview two winemakers at the same time, giving them the opportunity to chat with another industry expert and share their thoughts and experiences.

And what a privilege it was, too. The interviews are brimming with insight, expertise, laughter, and fun.

Pairing and sharing

Tune into Mixtapes and you’ll find…

• Opinions

Listen to Rod discuss what the natural winemaking movement has brought to the table and how it has influenced his winemaking philosophy. Can the same be said in McLaren Vale? Find out if Ashleigh’s approach has evolved in a similar way.

Furthermore, hear Bruce discuss the direction of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Will we see more concrete eggs, barrel experimentation or is the future sub regional expression? Find out in Episode 4.

• Revelations

Did you know Adolfo Hurtado created a bespoke blend to serve at his wedding? Question is, did it go down well with guests? Find out in episode 2.

• Trade ‘secrets’

Hear Steve Webber from De Bortoli Wines talking about his experimentation with whole bunch fermentation in episode 3. What an eye opener!

• Personal tales

Find out how 3 months in Tuscany turned into 11 years for Ashleigh Seymour from Paxton Wines. What made her stay? Find out in episode 1.

• Grape preservation

Both Almudena and Jeremy are working with heritage varieties in their respective homelands. In Spain Almudena is in the process of rescuing nearly extinct indigenous varieties near Castilla y León. In South Africa Jeremy is involved with the vine heritage scheme that protects an esoteric bunch of old vines and vineyards. Could this mean there is a Painted Wolf Palomino on the horizon?

• Wine

And of course, wine!

Because as well as swapping conversation, we also introduced the producers to one another’s wine – couriering their products sometimes halfway around the world to make sure they were there in time for the interviews.

Chaos and Conversation

We created Mixtapes to offer a sneak peak into the world of winemaking, but the result is a series of fun, engaging conversations and memorable insights.

Mixtapes are being created with the idea to offer a sneak peek into the world of wine making. Above all, they drop a tonne of interesting nuggets as well as a barrel-full of laughs… pun intended!

They are sure to be of interest to anyone – from staff on the shop floor to buyers, budding winemakers and everyone in between, so don’t miss out!

How to watch our Mixtapes interviews

The interviews will be shared on our North South Wines socials every couple of weeks and will be available to watch on YouTube.

The line-up involves:

  • Mixtape 1: Ashleigh Seymour from Paxton Wines & Rod McDonald from Te Awanga Estate
  • Mixtape 2: Almudena Alberca MW from Entrecanales Domecq e Hijos & Adolfo Hurtado from MontGras
  • Mixtape 3: Izele van Blerk from KWV The Mentors & Steve Webber from De Bortoli Wines
  • Mixtape 4: Jeremy Borg from Painted Wolf Wines & Bruce Taylor from Tohu Wines

We’re just in the process of editing the final series and, depending on their popularity, there may be more in store.

So, watch this space because who knows where Mixtapes will take us next? And with who?

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