Christmas 2021 is approaching fast and the vibe we’re getting here at North South Wines is that it’s likely be a big one.  

Whether it’s dancing into the night at a company bash or reflecting with loved ones over a hearty meal; people are going to leave moderation at the door and go full throttle at making up for lost time.   

And considering the festive flop that was 2020 – it’s hardly surprising either.

Christmas 2021 stocking

As a retail or hospitality business, you’ll no doubt be busy preparing for what’s in store. After all, whether or not the party goes with a swing pretty much depends on you.

It’s a lot of pressure!

And with things a little touch and go in the supply chain, things may seem a little daunting.

Our advice?

Start Christmas stocking sooner and focus on our recommendations below – whilst there’s still plenty to go around.

For Prosecco rosé try La Gioiosa Prosecco Rosé  Millesimato Brut 75cl.


First up, we recommend stocking up on Prosecco rosé.  


Because in a bid to get an inkling into what people will be drinking, we started watching our Instagram feed like hawks.

What we noticed is that Prosecco rosé grabs more than its fair share of the limelight on social media.

This is hardly surprising when you consider that 2021 is the first Christmas party season that Prosecco rosé will have ever been on the scene.

It’s the new, cool kid on the block if you like; and it has enjoyed a flurry of celebrity endorsement ever since it became officially a thing last year.  

Demand is therefore going to explode.

So, if things in the stockroom are looking a bit pink fizz-light, then get in early to order.


Also apparent is that the UK’s appetite for gin is not going anywhere, anytime soon.  

Gin Fizz will be a hit this Christmas 2021.

But it’s Christmas and so a normal gin and tonic will just not do.   

Revelers will be eager to glam up their G&T and turn it into something more ‘fun’, so we’d recommend getting one step ahead of the curve by stocking up on ingredients that make a Pink Gin Fizz: Gin, sparkling wine, sugar and lemon.

Not only does this cocktail taste great, but it looks fabulous too – lit up in the bottle on the shelf and poured in a glass over ice and slice.  

Portuguese Quinta da Calcada Alvarinho makes a great alternative to Sauvignon Blanc.     

White Wine

The UK is a nation of white wine drinkers, and nothing is going to break off our love affair with Sauvignon Blanc.

Yet, with low yields in both France and New Zealand this year, it might become difficult to come by.

Ordering early and having a backup plan in case things start to run dry would be a wise move. You could turn to South African Sauvignon Blanc as a way to keep stock rooms and wine glasses full.

For an interesting alternative, however, get some Alvarinho in instead.

Red Wine

Don’t disappoint the Rioja lovers: Stock up on plenty of Glorioso Gran Reserva.

And let’s not forget that Christmas 2021 is also likely to be a sentimental and nostalgic one for many.

Those looking for glass of something full bodied this year are likely to stick with tradition and opt for a Rioja. It’s been a nation’s favourite for more than twenty years.

We don’t see 2021 as being an exception to this ‘rule’ but would strongly advise checking out the range of new world reds – from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa for instance – that are full bodied with pronounced fruit flavours. They are bound to go down well.

Contact us if you’d like to try some out.

The smart choice

So, to summarise, Christmas 2021 will be celebrated with Prosecco rosé, gin, Rioja and of course plenty of Sauvignon Blanc.

Vallformosa Cava: A good choice for bubbles.

Yet alongside these staples, smart wine buyers ought to look further afield; for new world reds and alternatives to Sauvignon Blanc such as Alvarinho.

As a great value alternative to prosecco, we’d recommend looking at Cava. It falls under the radar far too much for our liking, but rarely disappoints.

Make the most of it this Christmas

If you’re about to get stocking up for Christmas then don’t hesitate to give North South Wines a call. We’re on hand throughout the busy season to help you maximise profits and keep the drinks flowing.

Call us on 020 3871 9210.