Introducing Vallformosa; a company that’s set to disrupt the cava sector with its modern, fresh approach.

Vallformosa is a cava producer that is anything but your typical cava company.

Its mission?

To make people think about Spanish sparkling in a different way and put its range of classic, organic and no alcohol cava firmly on the map.

Perfect Partner

It’s why, when looking for a cava producing partner back in 2019, the Penedes-based company stood out to us as an energetic supplier, modern and market-led with a fiery determination to succeed.

We also saw a company that shared our cultural standards and values – despite the fact that North South Wines is a young company of just eight years and Vallformosa is 150-years old!

Since then, Vallformosa has picked up the award as the Best Winery at the Vinari 2021 – for the second year running!

So, what else has been going on behind the scenes at Vallformosa and what is it about them that really sets them apart?

New Frontiers with Vallformosa Cava

Marta Vidal, Vallformosa's CEO

Marta Vidal, Vallformosa’s CEO

On a C-suite level, the company has steered away from cava’s traditionally endogamic and patriarchal culture and put financial expert Marta Vidal into the position of CEO.

This to us demonstrated a willingness to adapt to the changing times.

Vidal’s remit is to take the company to new frontiers through new product development and increased social responsibility. These are both values that are close to our hearts at North South Wines.

Brilliant branding

Soon after Vidal’s appointment came new, exciting and vibrant branding for its classic, organic and alcohol-free sparling varieties. It’s out with the heritage-styled gold branding and in with a crisp, zesty and fresh image under a contemporary ‘VFMS’ label.

The new branding is bound to appeal to a younger demographic who may be looking for sparkling alternatives. And look for alternatives they might.

Firstly, driver shortages and poor harvest yields may well lead to the predicted prosecco shortage.

Secondly, champagne lovers may need to tighten their belts when sitting out a ‘winter of discontent’.

These market forces could be the thing to turn a customer’s attention to the new look cava brand sitting on the shelves.

Yet, Vallformosa’s determination to be different – to be better – goes far deeper than putting a pretty label on the bottle.

Doing it right

Vallformosa leaves no stone unturned when it comes to responsible business practices and, having worked to achieving our BRCGS Agents & Brokers accreditation this year, this was a top priority for us here at North South Wines.

All Vallformosa wines are produced using 40% less energy than the industry average. It also invests in incentives to recycle 99% of its waste.

Furthermore, the entire product range is suitable for vegans and 20% of Vallformosa’s grapes are organically grown. This is increasing year-on-year and it pursues a strategy for encouraging its growers to switch to organic production.

Traditional method

To maintain traceability and quality control, products are made exclusively from grapes harvested at the winery. As for the production, the first fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 14-16 ºC and the second takes place in the bottle by the traditional method.

The traditional method is a meticulous process, but it is one that ensures product authenticity and provides the bubbles and the unique flavour profile demanded by even the most discerning cava consumers.

People first

Like North South Wines, Vallformosa is a people-centric company, and the brand recognises that investment needs to be funnelled into its greatest asset if it is to thrive: Its team.

Vallformosa growers are equipped with the techniques they need to improve sustainability and efficiency. They receive favourable payment terms and opportunities to collaborate over innovation.

This means the best growers are keen to work with the company and ‘home grown’ talent stays on board, giving the company a sense of longevity and quality.

Everyone in the supply chain – including the consumer – wins.  

A case for cava

Cava is an undervalued category. It has a perception problem. And this is something we at North South Wines really want to see changing.

Together with Vallformosa – the fourth biggest cava company in the world – North South Wines is embarking on a journey that will put cava back on the radar of UK wine drinkers.

Working together we have the drive and energy to make people sit up and take notice of Spanish sparkling wine.  

Is it a vision that you share too?

If so, visit to browse Vallformosa’s collection including 0% sparkling and organic cava. Or visit the company’s website at