UK wine distributor North South Wines has been awarded an ‘AA Grade’ BRCGS Certification – the highest rating possible for an announced audit – after it was assessed against the BRCGS Global Standard for Agents and Brokers.

North South Wines is now one of only a handful of UK wine distributors to have earned the certification. And its impressive rating demonstrates the company’s commitment to maintaining quality as it manages products through the supply chain.  

Commitment to customers

Technical Manager Emily Brighton smoothly led the project over an eighteen-month period despite facing some significant challenges due to Covid-19 – and studying for her Stage two Master of Wine.

She says: “Attaining formal recognition via Agents and Brokers accreditation not only demonstrates to our customers that we are committed to upholding a set of globally recognised and industry-leading quality and safety standards. This also gives us the framework we need to further instil a ‘culture of quality’ throughout the business.”

Credit to the team for the BRCGS certification

To gain certification, Brighton worked to implement a robust quality management system. The ten-hour audit assessed the company against a broad scope including:

Managing Director and Founder of North South Wines Kim Wilson is delighted with the outcome of the audit.

“The news that we have been awarded the top AA grade for our BRCGS Agent and Broker certification has made me so proud,” she says.

“Quality has always been at the forefront of what we do here at North South Wines. It is a well-deserved result for the NSW team, as well as our partner wineries and suppliers who have supported us throughout the process.  BRCGS Agent and Broker has given us a great framework to instil the quality culture throughout the business and to offer our customer on hundred percent assurance in what we do.”


About BRC Agents and Brokers

BRCGS owns a collection of standards including the globally recognised ‘Agency and Broker’ standard.

They aim to set the benchmark for good manufacturing practice and help provide assurance to customers that products are safe, legal and of high quality.

Find out more about BRCGS and the BRC Agent and Brokers standard at

About North South Wines

Established in 2014, North South Wines is a UK wine distributor that is based in West Drayton. It sources and supplies ‘best value wines’ to on- and off-trade businesses whilst upholding and championing responsible business processes.