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Deen Vat

Deen De Bortoli created his Vat Series with the idea of developing a range of delicious, full-flavoured wines at an affordable price. Deen personally selected the blends and chalked the numbers on the vats to identify them. The Vat Series includes traditional varietal wines and also wines made from interesting, newer varieties to Australia.

Exclusive to independents and regional wholesalers.

Deen Vat 1 Durif | Riverina
Deen Vat 10 Pinot Noir | South Eastern Australia
Deen Vat 4 Petit Verdot | Riverina
Deen Vat 5 Botrytis Semillon | Riverina
Deen Vat 6 Verdelho | Riverina
Deen Vat 7 Chardonnay | South Eastern Australia
Deen Vat 8 Shiraz | South Eastern Australia
Deen Vat 9 Cabernet Sauvignon | South Eastern Australia