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Meet the Winemaker
Valerio Fuson
La Gioiosa, Italy

Having been born in Valdobbiadene, in the Prosecco DOCG area, Valerio Fuson has Prosecco running through his veins. He graduated from Italy’s oldest oenological school and began life at La Gioiosa as a “cellar boy.” That first day was almost 40 years ago and it was with Mr Moretti Polegato senior, so his life has been somewhat like growing up in the Prosecco hills in Valdobbiadene: being at home.
He has been La Gioiosa’s technical director for decades. As chief winemaker he leads a group of 5 winemakers with  Riccardo Cotarella, world famous winemaker as a consultant for the company's premium wines.
The close synergy between man, the vine and the land has allowed Prosecco to become one of the most widely appreciated and best known wines in the world and the company devotes the utmost care and attention to Prosecco production, as symbol of the area. From owned vineyards to the controlled ones, the first step is the careful selection of the best grapes to get high quality wines up to their required quality standard. The production process is carried out with the most modern equipment and technologies, which make the company a model winery.
Due to his expertise, knowledge and professional achievements, Valerio Fuson has been chosen as one of the only 3 Italian members in the Union des Oenologues Mondial; he was president of  Veneto area in the Italian Oenologist Association for 5  terms; currently vice-resident of the board of Consorzio Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG. He was the president of the special technical commission which oversaw the creation of DOCG Prosecco in 2009.
Uniting knowledge, expertise, trustworthiness, leadership and attitude, he can be considered a benchmark in the wine world and especially in Prosecco area and in the road to Prosecco worldwide success.

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