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ViƱa Ventisquero - Growing Grapes on Mars | 26.06.17

We could wax lyrical about Viña Ventisquero all day, our newest winery addition from Chile. Their achievements range from being the first winery in South America to be certified ISO 14001 and ISO 9000, to working closely with local communities on social initiatives. Primarily though, they make fantastic wines.

We sat down with Sergio Hormazábal winemaker for Viña Ventisquero to taste through the wines and learn a little more about Chile and Viña Ventisquero.

Practically vibrating with excitement, Sergio speaks at a hundred miles a minute, jumping like a spotlight from one VV gem to another. First talking about the history and sustainability of the brand before bouncing to innovation, and his real passion – being at the forefront of Chilean Winemaking.

Deeply invested in the cool climate regions of Chile; Maipo Costa, Leyda and Casablanca - Sergio explained to us the importance of choosing the right regions to bring out the best of each grape variety. “The Kalfu Range is built around this ethos. Creating the best wines in their best regions, to make you sit back and go ‘wow! This is a fantastic cool climate Chilean Sauvignon Blanc!’ That is the reason we grow our Kalfu wines in Casablanca and Leyda which produce aromatic and expressive Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc.

Viña Ventisquero also produce some delicious entry level options through Alto Sol in the central valley. Including Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Sergio is particularly passionate about Cabernet Sauvignon and brings his expertise to this grape variety. “For me, every good Cabernet must have the classic triumvirate of cassis, plum and black pepper. Without these notes you could be drinking any big, tannic red. We are really pleased with how expressive our wines are even at the entry level.”

Viña Ventisquero are not only working in classic Chilean wine regions. Six years ago they started a project in the Atacama desert in Huasco Valley with just 14 hectares. They are in fact, the only winery in that denomination which is a big responsibility! It is the only place in Chile with just one producer in the appellation.

Sergio tells us “Atacama itself is like trying to grow grapes on Mars! With harsh and salty conditions, the vineyard is constantly battered by coastal winds and hasn’t seen rainfall in over a decade!” The wines from this vineyard are phenomenal and we highly recommend you give the Kalfu Sumpai Sauvignon Blanc a try.

VV are also exploring new extreme regions for wine production, but this is very hush hush! So keep your eyes peeled for news from Viña Ventisquero here…. Sergio told us a little about this awesome project, but we promised on pain of death not to share the details. So sorry everyone, you’ll have to wait for the official news!